Sunday, April 25, 2010

Malnad village

been away from painting for almost 2 months now !.. here's the comeback :)
felt slightly out of touch ..

Saw this during a visit to my best friend's wedding in thirthalli (Shimoga, Karnataka) on the banks of Tunga river..What I liked about it is the huge tree which dwarfs the houses under it..

paper : fabriano
size : 1/4 imperial
hope you liked it..


  1. The tree flows really well.. Composition is nice.. A little darks in the greens esp behind the house would have been killer..

  2. Love the way you've let the paint just flow where it wants to go. Welcome back.

  3. Prabal, the darks lightened after drying as I was trying wet on wet. I should have used a stonger mix.

  4. Liz, thanks a lot for liking it :).
    You have done a great job with you recent painting of the pre-schoolers !