Monday, November 15, 2010

morning walk

Here are 2 quick sketches. I wanted to paint the trees that I see from my balcony. I had rushed though them without enjoying in the last painting..So here's the dessert !

Fabriano 300gsm. 6" x 8"

Having painted this, I did not really like the composition. In fact, I never tried to compose it..So thought removing some trees and adding some interest.. here's the morning walk..

Canson Montval. 8" x 11"

Had been a while that I had tried painting without a pencil sketch..hope you enjoyed these...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

rain coming down

The retreating monsoon has been very active this year in Bangalore and it's still raining here..
Sitting in my balcony I was watching these nimbus clouds descend and precipitate...
With my little daughter sleeping warm, I took a break from baby seating and grabbed the colours..
Had to be quick to finish before the little one woke up and cried :)

towards the end, it started pouring and I had to rush through the foreground foliage..
I hope I have captured the moment..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

menavali ghat

Happy Diwali everyone !

Wanted to try this new handmade paper I had bought last week.
as usual it turned out to be a blotting paper that renders the brush dry after a stroke..and then dulls the colour at the end :(
But I had a good time painting this one after a long break..and it's a temple-reflection again :)

size : 11" x 14"
This temple is in Menavali in Wai, Maharasthra, on the banks of river Krishna..
hope you like it.

Here's the smaller sketch on a cartridge paper