Saturday, October 24, 2009


While I was away getting my bicycle serviced, Prabal had already decided to paint this scene. The old and new houses attached to one another makes this interesting (no prizes for guessing the title now :) )

I tried to add more detail to the foliage which has somehow cluttered the background. Should have painted the trees more loose to add more emphasis on the foreground. what say ?

As I wasn't really happy with the outcome, I made a 10 minute quickie as usual

village house

Happened to visit a village (GamanagaTTi) adjacent to my locality in Hubli. Clicked some pictures of the old houses. I could see a lot of such old and beautiful houses have been replaced with box-like cement houses :( .So clicked as many pictures of the structures that I felt were close to extinction :) Liked this one most of all and so painted it first.

This is a rough-grained handmade paper specially imported from Pune :) (Thanks Ajay for the suggestion).
I could apply more washes than the Montval Canson. But, prabal is of the opinion that it dulls the colour.
Overall, I am kinda satisfied with this painting. any feedback ?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

window of a haveli

The first reaction that I got is the wrong use of blue (ultramarine). I did not realize it when I started with it, but when I did, it was too late.
Prabal helped me lift off some colour. But, I wanted to keep it that way to remind me of the mistake. Also the red bricks seem too saturated.

As again, I have a smaller version which I sketched and painted in 10 minutes..and looks better than the bigger one :)