Saturday, October 24, 2009


While I was away getting my bicycle serviced, Prabal had already decided to paint this scene. The old and new houses attached to one another makes this interesting (no prizes for guessing the title now :) )

I tried to add more detail to the foliage which has somehow cluttered the background. Should have painted the trees more loose to add more emphasis on the foreground. what say ?

As I wasn't really happy with the outcome, I made a 10 minute quickie as usual


  1. Both the paintings are good. You should post a bigger photograph of the second painting.

    The foliage in the first painting is good for me. I especially liked the palm trees. Dropping a little burnt sienna or permanent orange here and there would make the foliage more interesting. Lifting the color off the roof was a good move.

  2. Thanks prabal for the feedback.
    The roof was too striking, so lifted off the paint a bit :)

  3. I like the orange color and the brown color of roof. The chimney is very effective. I liked the foliage too. The bush effect you have created is amazing.

    I don't know much technical words about water color, but for me, what is pleasant to our eyes is art- whether man-made or natural....:)

  4. Thanks Megha for your encouragement !
    I thought I had really spoilt the foliage with mulitple washes :)

  5. Hello PC
    Keep up the good work, I do not paint myself but have a collection of Indian paintings from the 1950's, 60,s and 70's which I am slowly adding to my blog at: which you might find interesting. G D Paul Raj who is my favourite was born in Kodaikanal south of Bangalore but he studied in Madras. Have you ever come across his work? Hope you like the paintings.

  6. Hello PC, nice paintings. I come across such beautiful places during my official trips and always thought of painting them some day. Now after seeing this one, i'm definitely going to try.

  7. Nice paintings.
    I too started daily paintings inspired by duane keiser.

  8. Gold Finch, Thanks !
    I liked your collection and want to thank you for the good work you're up to to preserve those oldies.

  9. shishir, Thanks for visiting. I liked your photographs a lot. and "Meera" is a masterpiece !