Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mustard field

I wanted to finish this painting since almost 2 weeks and here it comes.. Prabal found this pic on the net (without a copyright :) )..
When I saw prabal's painting, I thought the mustard flowers should've been a bit more yellow.
But, when I completed mine, I figured out that the yellow had faded too !
Tried to apply a mild wash of yellow all over again, but did not yield good result after drying..
Any suggestions for retaining the freshness of yellow ?
I used lemon yellow in this painting.

size : 1/4 imperial
paper : imported from Pune :)

And here's a quickie as usual. Tried to retain as much yellow in here..

size : 5" x 7"
paper : Canson Montval


  1. Your second ones are always better.. as they are little abstract .. and when you leave some part to the imagination of the viewer, the painting always becomes more appealing.. as everyone can see , what they want to see :)

  2. Both are pretty nice. In both the texture of the harvest and the background are really good. The difference in paper has given different results, but I think I like the second one slightly better.

  3. paper impoted from pune:) like it. As these paper absorb little bit of water add more pigment if its only wash you are going to apply . for my three wash paintings typically i the first wash is 25 % color + 75 % water , second wash 40 % color and 60% water and third ( used only for few details ) with 50% + color and rest water
    again lemon yellow is more opeque , try gambose hue instead

  4. Sonal,
    that's a good obvervation :)

    Prabal and Sreenivasa,
    thanks a lot.

  5. Ajay,
    First of all, thanks for indroducing us (me and Prabal) to this paper.
    And now thanks for sharing your experience with the mixing strengths.
    I will try and incorporate this when I use this paper again.