Friday, November 27, 2009

village alley


Tried on a smaller area (10" x 7") this time.
Made this one without any reference..
Wanted to get a perspective looking upwards from gound.
Spent considerable time correcting the perspectives.

you see any mistakes with the perspective ?



  1. Nice work with colors and brush. About the perspective, yes there seesms to be something wrong. Your eyeline cuts across the middle of the house. The front wall are all fine, but the side walls top line should have sloped down from your right to left.

  2. Hey Praveen...!!

    As usual superb.... :) I saw all paintings...each one is so beautiful...i mean it.

    I observed a hidden innocence/humbleness comin out from each r truly amazing....

    By the way..i made one of paiting as my desktop background ...:)

    Still...I have ur rough sketch work on my slam book....."Down the valley..etc etc" ...hope u remember...!!



  3. I like your paintings!..Also like you, even I am trying to catch upon my forgotten hobby:- ) ...would keep visiting your blog..

  4. Without reference this is good work.
    To get perspective right you should draw lines from a vanishing point. then it will be correct.
    If you havent asked about it i guess no one would have find anything wrong with perspective.

  5. @Prabal,
    I will try painting this yet again with some corrections suggested by you..and I have something in mind..

    Thanks dude

    I can see you are doing a good job..thanks for stopping by

    Thanks for your encouragement