Saturday, October 24, 2009

village house

Happened to visit a village (GamanagaTTi) adjacent to my locality in Hubli. Clicked some pictures of the old houses. I could see a lot of such old and beautiful houses have been replaced with box-like cement houses :( .So clicked as many pictures of the structures that I felt were close to extinction :) Liked this one most of all and so painted it first.

This is a rough-grained handmade paper specially imported from Pune :) (Thanks Ajay for the suggestion).
I could apply more washes than the Montval Canson. But, prabal is of the opinion that it dulls the colour.
Overall, I am kinda satisfied with this painting. any feedback ?


  1. This painting is great. I liked it at first sight. The paper has made a lot of difference. I am yet to try the paper, but I can see that its much better than Montval for glazing. But yes I think it dulls the colors very slightly. May be you can clean the paper with water before painting on it.