Monday, November 15, 2010

morning walk

Here are 2 quick sketches. I wanted to paint the trees that I see from my balcony. I had rushed though them without enjoying in the last painting..So here's the dessert !

Fabriano 300gsm. 6" x 8"

Having painted this, I did not really like the composition. In fact, I never tried to compose it..So thought removing some trees and adding some interest.. here's the morning walk..

Canson Montval. 8" x 11"

Had been a while that I had tried painting without a pencil sketch..hope you enjoyed these...


  1. Very good paintings, PC.I envy the people who are able to get so much out of simple green trees!Nice use of color.

  2. Arti, thanks for liking it :)

  3. PC, I love the two watercolours, it's easy to see that you've done them very quickly and over af all without problems...your palet is very rich.

    A hug.


  4. Thank you for sharing
    This Wonderful work with us
    Good creations

  5. Thanks Enrique for liking it !
    yes, I am still trying to find my palette. So It's very colorful right now :)

  6. Skizo,
    Thanks for dropping by and liking the paintings.