Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The villager

Had taken this photo in an adjoining village in my home town. When I took his photo, the old man exclaimed

"So, you are from the press eh ?. You are going to write an article about this village ?. these pipes have been lying around here and no one seems to care......"... I had to succumb to his authority and say "yes, I will talk about it"..
The best I could do here is to paint this old man and the un-used cement pipes that were supposed to improve the sanitation of this place.

But for the bright colours I have used, I felt OK with the result. But, I enjoyed painting it a lot.

size: 1/4 imperial
paper : decapo 200 gsm


  1. The bright colors are actually very good.. The old man surely looks wise..

  2. Ha ha ha...i like your answer! The painting is really good. I can imagine the scene so well!

  3. Prabal, thanks for liking the wise old man.
    Now that I have seen this painting several times, the bright colours seem OK to me now :)

  4. pc, I like very much this watercolour, it's very clean, you've founded veru well de colours and the brightness...wonderful. ¡Bravo!

    Big hug,my friend.


  5. Thanks Enrique !
    Your comments are very encouraging..

  6. Nice work on flowers...big flowers look awesome!!
    I had been to CKP this time, it was real fun...

  7. Sakat ide chavan, yajamanru chennagi kanasta idare foto li...:)
    Keep going...:)