Monday, September 6, 2010

divine reflections

...Feels out of touch...feels it's been ages since I painted and blogged :) .
Made a fresh start yesterday..but there is a backlog I have to clear..
so will post some of my paintings (made during 'confluence') in the days to come..

Photo courtesy : Aditi Das Patnaik.
Thanks Aditi for the photo..

I completed this in 2 sittings
1. painful sketching session, getting the perspective right..
2. fun filled painting session :)


  1. Very nice painting, keep it up, even I do painting, but not done paiting over last 5 years ! :) ... need to check where is my brush, you painting is giving me some motivation for restartting my work,.. all the best for you too..

  2. Lovely colors. I can imagine that this was very difficult to draw. Great work.

  3. Praveen, it has been really long since your last post! Nice to see this painting of your best work! Cheers!

  4. I love the changing colors of the temple! And the reflections are beautiful!

  5. Prasad,
    good to see that I'm inspiring someone ! :)
    hoping to see your painting soon.

  6. Meera, Sujith,
    Thanks a lot for liking it.

  7. Thanks Ramesh,
    I as too busy with work. Feels good to be back :)
    thanks for liking it..