Sunday, September 20, 2009


just to keep my blog in-sync with prabal's, I fished out a couple of oldies :)
These were painted way back in 2007

When on a bike trip to Savandurga, me and Shashwath couldn't miss these bright bamboo bushes. Not equipped with a camera, we captured the details on a piece of paper with rough pencil sketches (study).


  1. I have already told you this, but let me tell you once again. I love both the paintings. It may be a coincidence that both of us found bamboo bush very interesting to paint, but I guess it was a good coincidence. As you have kept the whole composition simple it has worked very well for you. I like the clarity in both these paintings.

  2. Another reason I had to keep the composition simple was that the surface was small ~5"x7".
    I like the play of light more in your work.

  3. both the paintings are should do series of this

  4. Thanks Ajay ! I wish to do a series of this, but has remained as a wish..much like your "NH8 project" ;)