Saturday, September 12, 2009

En Plein Air

It was Prabal's Idea again.. to paint "en plein air"..
Place and time was decided..7:00 am, Cubbon Park..
But the rain forced us back.. the only shelter we could think of..."office !!" - our second home :) ..
With only a handful of options at hand, we settled to paint the UB city view..

I was painting on a pretty good quality paper and was quite thrilled and conscious at the same time...
This paper, unlike the handmades I used, was not very absorbent..which means more cauliflowers if you are not careful..

While painting the sky, I washed the sheet with a light tone of grey and started applying a darker tone with lot of water in brush. I was a little late for the second quote and a way too early for a dry-on-dry..This lifted the already applied tone and started spreading !..

some cauliflowers are seen near the edge of the building ..

I must be careful about the "timing" next time..

here's the final frame..
not satisfied with the results..
The dried branches on the left was added as the left of the composition looked too empty..
But, prabal thinks this makes the painting sad..
Neverthelss, we had a fun "en plein air"..


  1. The cloudy sky and the tree on the left surely makes the painting convey a sad emotion for me, though the mail building emotes a happy note. Since the experince that we had painting plein air was a mixed one this painting depicts that. And I think the cauliflower that you have shown looks good to me. A happy accident.

  2. Interesting to see your and Prabal's impressions of the same scene you both painted plein air. This is very nice too. I like the addition of the branches on left, adding to the melancholy mood.

  3. Hi Mineke, Thanks for visiting and dropping-in your feedback. Will look forward to learn more from your comments/feedback.