Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a thing of the past..

Prabal and me decided to paint this old house after scouring our old pics.
This time I had 2 things in mind
1. make a tonal value sketch and plan before I start applying paint
2. keep the perspectives right (by following the eye-line)
I think I got both right to a fair extent. But could not refrain from committing the same old mistakes :
"darks are too dark" (i almost used undiluted mixes) - which Prabal calls is anti-purist or acryllic-style :)

I stuck to the reference as I found the tree in the front and the clothes-line interesting. Prabal however customized it a bit.

This time, I also experimented with the masking fluid to save the whites.


  1. The play of light on the ground and the laundry is superb. I just noticed something. If you hide the sky part and then look at the painting it looks like a bright moon lit night.

  2. Beautiful use of colors and subject! I liked the overall composition. You have given a lot of details like sunlight and shadows. Well Done!

  3. such atractive work.old building is superb look.i like ur work.nise blog.

  4. Interesting again to see both of your interpretations of the same subject. I like that you included the laundry. I often use darks straight out of the tube too, but find that it helps to let them blend into surrounding areas a little, to soften the impact. This is really nice!

  5. Thanks all,
    Mineke, thanks for the encouragement again. esply for the usage of darks :)