Sunday, September 27, 2009

misty trail

..This was an attempt to depict the mist in this photo taken in Kemmangundi after a heavy downpour and the sun about to set.

size : 1/4 imperial
time taken : 2.5 hrs

The idea was to paint loose and quicker than our usual pace.
Initially I struggled with the wet-on-wet. resulted in cauliflowers and frustrations..
Adding a darker tone seemed to lift off the lower layers !
I am not sure why ? and I seemed to blame the paper for it :)
I used a canson montval paper.
Any suggestions please..

I tried the same mix on a test paper : Arches aquarelle - rough grain.
On this sheet, wet-on-wet was a lot under control..
I am not sure though, as the test sheet was only 6" x 8" ..and size does matter

I liked this quickie more than the normal one..and this one took me just 10 minutes :)

size : 6" x 8"
time taken : 10 minutes


  1. Glazing is very difficult if not impossible in Montval. It is more like a one wash paper, where you have to be right the first time. But I guess it is one of the best practice papers to get control. Size does matter when you are trying to wet on wet. If you have a large area then by the time you finish one area and reach the other the wetness of the paper is not the same.
    So the mantra is practice.

  2. nice paintigs pc.i like ur work for good practice to me.really wonderful.

  3. canson montval papaers are not good for watercolors landscapes in my opinion. I had carried one quarter size pad to Kashmir and ended up with very bad results. glazing is problem with that paper.
    Arches is one of the best paper availbale but then I can't afford that for every painting .
    You can try some local 300 GSM handmade paper. I get it from Pune . there are two suppliers whose papers I find acceptable quality till 3 washes. first one is eco-vision papers pvt ltd and another one is venus enterprices( sells papaers under barnd name "blossom")
    about paintings- second one is very well done wet in wet

  4. Thanks Prabal and Rupesh,

    Thanks Ajay for the gyaan on papers.
    I used to use 150 gsm handmade papers (un-branded) before Prabal introduced me to more art papers. This time, we will surely try to shop one of those papers you mentioned. Not sure if we can get them here in bangalore, but we must be able to find equivalents though.
    Thanks again.